Bangladesh Trip

Bruce McDonald on February 11, 2013


Dear Friends,

This is the final report on the Bangladesh trip. I want to thank each of you personally for praying for our trip. I know many people were praying, but you each agreed to specifically pray aggressively for each of the meetings, our time with the m's and our travel days. We can't thank you enough for how God used you during the trip and meetings. The trip and meetings could not have gone better. God used my weakness (caught a cold the first day we arrived), and my lack of sleep (never slept past 2:30 am), to show His own power and sufficiency. I'm convinced it was your prayers and His grace that triumphed. The field of Bangladesh, and our m's there, are particularly and specifically going through unusually strong trials and challenging times. They are facing the final MK blog investigation and evaluation (a tragic situation that happened in Bangladesh back in 1987), they are experiencing the harrowing affects of having a number of people who have left the field (a plethora of reasons), they are experiencing some heart-aching family and personal problems, and they had been experiencing some real challenges inter-m's wise. But having said all that, the work of God has been amazing there. There's almost too much to write on - William Carey Academy, The Literature Center, The Translation Department, The Heart House, The Training of Tribal E's, the Hospital, the Medical center, the work among the Hill tract People - 150 churches started! The scores that have come to know Christ through the hospital, the outreach and impact of the m's on the cities and countryside, so many ways that God has wonderfully used each and everyone there.


Our meetings were God ordained and Spirit-anointed (His grace). The 5 main sessions with the m's, the sessions with the men and with the women, and the opportunity to speak at a Bangla Church in a Hindu Village. The interaction and time with the m's, were all wonderful. The Lord moved in and among us during that week. Another blessing was that Jim Panter and a friend from his church (Craig) - Fellowship Community Church in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - traveled to Bangladesh to work with the youth on the field. They did an outstanding job, and each of the young people were blessed and encouraged. We saw God work among each of the m's right during the meetings. Hearts were lifted and spirits encouraged and revived.


We'll never forget this trip - meeting a ninety year old tribal e, seeing the hospital and school in action, seeing the tribal people being trained in the gospel, hearing the m's stories, meeting a pastor who has been beaten for the cause of Christ, and being able to speak into people's lives who live in a very difficult part of the world, have all left their impact on us. So thank you for your prayers and support. Please know the vital and integral part you played in this. AND, thanks for the prayers for all the traveling. We felt God carried us on eagle's wings in answer to your prayers. 


God bless,

Bruce and Bev