Report of Turkey Trip

Bruce McDonald on November 11, 2011

  Our trip to Turkey for speaking at the conference for all WIN missionaries (those ministering in closed-access countries) is complete. We arrived home late Wednesday (Nov. 9th) night. Thanks so much for your prayers, and thanks also, for those who made this trip financially possible. I must admit, that in all the years of ministering, traveling and speaking, I never sensed more of an opposition for meetings, than in this one. But I also must rush onto say, that neither have I witnessed so evident of a work of the Spirit of God as this one. I know this is all attributed to God's grace and your prayers.
The trip began with us having our flight to New York City canceled due to a freak snowstorm (earliest on record there). This caused us to miss our meetings at First Baptist New York City. Then the next day, while flying to New York, as I was sharing with a Jewish Banker sitting next to me, my voice suddenly disappeared. And I mean totally disappeared. The next day on the flight to Turkey I had no voice. We arrived 2 days before the conference was to start and I still had no voice. Much prayer went up from many of you. We sensed and believed this was a direct attack by Satan (we also had something happen just before we left Colorado that was huge, and we felt even then, Satan was opposing). When I stood up to speak for the first session my voice was weak and felt strained. Strange, because Bev and the leaders who knew what was happening, said they didn't notice it. Then halfway through the message my voice suddenly returned. Amazing. The sessions and messages, by God's grace, went very well. God was present! In the sessions when the missionaries reported on their fields, it made sense that Satan was seeking to derail the conference. But He didn't and the missionaries shared in very specific detail how God had directly prepared the messages for them. One said that he (they) were contemplating seriously not going back to their field, but God changed his heart during the conference. There was much tears and many moments of encouragement during the week.
God gave Bev many opportunities to minister to the ladies - they were very vocal in their appreciation of her. There was also many times for us to listen and pray with couples and individuals. During one of the prayer times, one of the missionaries thanked God for the people who had made it possible (financially) for us to travel there and minister among them. I must say, that one of the highlights and more memorable moments of my ministry years happened when I spoke and the huge outdoor amphitheatre in Ephesus to all the missionaries and their families. I talked to them on heaven and their great reward waiting for them. Ephesus was amazing, and to think that the very place I was able to speak (we also sang "Amazing Grace" there, and people in the amphitheatre applauded) was the place where the crowd broke out chanting "Great is Diana" for two hours, driving the Apostle Paul out of the area.
So thank you once again. I do not believe that you know the extent God (in His sovereign grace and purpose) uses these meetings and this ministry in our missionaries lives. I wish they could personally tell you. But please, let me rush on to say - It is all of God. God could use anyone for this ministry, and certainly, Bev and I, and especially me, are the least of those God would use. God didn't need me there, or Bev. My voice being silenced was not a concern, because God was going to do a work of His own choosing. But you should know, that God is using your prayers and your support - and your love and encouragement, to do some special things around the world.
God bless,