Family News

Jeremy, Wendy, and Presley

Jeremy and Wendy, along with Presley (age seven) have had a full year. They have traveled much with Jeremy's business as well as family vacation time. Jeremy took Wendy to London for her birthday - the San Diego Chargers were playing a football game there! They are big Charger fans.

Jeremy is an independent contractor, and his company, Saker Systems, has a contract with Edison Power and Light of California. Wendy has handled several part time jobs, and now works in helping run saker Systems. She continues to be a full time mom and wife. Wendy officially joined the McDonald "knee experience" by having ACL Surgery last year. Presley is enjoying her involvement in sports of all type. She currently is playing soccer.

Jeremy, Wendy and Presley are all heavily involved in their individual soccer leagues.

Josh, Ehrin, and Talia

Josh, Ehrin, Talia and Toby have moved back to the USA. Josh and Ehrin had lived in Johannesburg, South Africa for 6 years, and were both school teachers. Talia was born in South Africa in January 2007. Josh and Ehrin and family moved back to the states in 2008, and Josh taught in the school system in Colorado Springs. In 2009 Toby was born at home in Woodland Park. Then in 2010 Josh accepted a job with his brother Jeremy out in California. Josh, Ehrin and family moved to Oceanside, California. Josh finished off his masters degree while there (joining Jeremy, Jessica and Ehrin in that endeavor). Josh and Ehrin love living in California and have gotten involved with their church (Northcoast Community Church). 

Talia are Toby are having fun growing and playing with Papa and Nana, and their two dogs - Bailey and Pemba (two large dogs!). Talia turned three in January 2010 and Toby turned one in Febrary 2010. The family has gotten plugged in at Bruce and Bev's church.


Jess continues to work at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs. She likes her job, and God has wonderfully used her there. She lives in the Springs and has a dog (Shelby) who is half yellow retriever and half golden retriever. A great dog. Jess continues to love the outdoors, and has hiked many of the Colorado trails, as well as any fourteener (Mountains over 14,000 feet) she can get to. She took time to do a mission's trip to Hungary, and recently traveled to Greece with one of her best friends.

Jess helps her dad and mom in mnay aspects of their ministry, and has been invaluable in helping with any projects and preparations involving the internet and the computer! She loves taking visits to Califonia to see her nieces and nephew.

Bruce and Bev

Bruce and Bev are praising God for good health and many ministry opportunities. They have traveled much this year - overseas, Peru, South Africa, Dubai, and Turkey. And have had several meetings across the country here in the states. They have hosted several families and couples at their house.

Coach Ministry continues to grow, and by God's grace, is used in many lives.

Bruce & Bev are finding themselves traveling more and more to the West Coast to spend time with their children and grandchildren.

Their two year-old golden retriever, Cooper, is a large bundle of joy.